Thursday, 10 November 2011

I won the lottery twice?

     Well when i got this bike it was missing only a few things. . . front fender/rear fender (no problem i can get reproductions), gas cap (early H1 has the same cap), and carburetors (like hell i will ever find a set of those! there was maybe 40 of them ever produced!).

     I was looking into an affordable "look alike carb". A mikuni round slide 34mm would be close. The factory carbs were a 34mm mikuni bored out to 35mm, no idle screws, "magnesium" drain plugs, and stamped either H1R or H1RA.  maybe 80ish sets were ever made. Like hell i will ever find a set.

   So i email a well known triple racer in california just to tell him about my bike, first he tells me he met the previous owner and then he tells me he has a set of NOS H1RA carbs!!! wow! even the right carbs for the kit on this bike! I cant believe it. so i sell a ton of NOS parts to buy them.
    I sold . . .
1 1973 Yamaha MX250
a set of Mikuni 33mm smoothbores
a NOS c/s cover for a 1974 KX125 (hope i dont regret that!)
1 NOS H2 ignition module
a super rare NOS ignition cover to fit a 1969 H1
1 NOS "new" style H1 gas cap
and a pile of dirty old Hercules GS250 parts

    And with all that sold i paid for 3 carburetors, choke parts,  and a set of levers... Hmm does that add up?

     I figured after all that good luck id win the lottery next.      Im still waiting.

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