Wednesday, 3 October 2012


It's been 2 years since a friend and co-worker died riding to work.

Time flies, always be aware of how short our lives really are.

Jordan and I started our jobs on the same day, in the same group. We seemed to have a mutual understanding that neither of us really belonged there. He was a super mellow, happy guy. Easy going and knew just who he was, and wasn't going to change for anyone.

I took him riding once, some technical rough stuff. It was a long ride, he showed up with a trials tire on his ktm. I really didn't think he was going to ride as well as he did. Well I was really surprised! He rode well, didn't complain. He did take a little break ontop of a ridge so I took a pic of it. And what a significant picture it was.

His street bike was a late 80's gsxr with all the shit taken off of it, new upside down front end, shortened tail, race pegs, open headers and painted black. It was a real gritty fighter. Also the bike that he crashed on.

At his funeral I learned a little more about him, it was surreal, as tho I was at my own. His death hit home hard, calls that morning from people that were concerned it was me on the road.

Life is short, ride hard, be your own person.


  1. Aaron, good write man. Sorry to hear about your friend Jordan. A cool way to remember him though, it was well said. Life is crazy short

  2. Hey thanks for taking the time to read this. Have a great trip man!