Wednesday, 10 December 2014

more mach chicken

i never really did finish the frame on my S1 street tracker so ive just pulled it apart to finish de-tabbing it, and finish some parts of it off such as where i hacked the end of the subframe off and made some shitty seat mounts. I got a new front seat mount setup with a new ignition switch/led, welded rear posts on the frame for the seat. i also picked up a modern regulator/rectifier to in hopes of not over charging my next battery. i will be able to hide the battery and regulater much better now as well. im almost done with my wr450/yfz motor that i wanted to build something with and couldnt resist seeing if it fits into the S1 frame, and what do you know, it does! i dont want to use it in this bike but damn do i want to build something with it.

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