Monday, 28 December 2015

H1R engine teardown

finally getting around to tearing down the H1R engine. bores are 61mm and shitty, 61.5 might be enough to clean it up. crank feels fine so far and was full of oil and grease, which likely will save it, i guess ill see when its torn apart. my oillines are in great shape. my ignition looks like it was in the bottom of the ocean... im not happy about that...


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  2. Those oil lines do indeed look perfect. Though I've often wondered whether the colour of even the most perfect "survivor" oil lines is anything close to the original colour.

    Either way, forget about that generator - I realize it would negate so much of the period-correct TIME MACHINE factor. I love to fondle the NOS Unobtainium bits just as much as the next guy, but if you're going to RUN the damn thing - It calls for a different approach. Not only for ever greater development of power & speed etc. Just for longevity's sake alone:

    Wouldn't it be best to replace that generator with a fixed rare-earth magnet type anyhow? Surely there's a unit out there, such as the ones made for SOHC and/or DOHC CB750's and sold by "Cycle-Exchange", or similar that could be cut down to correct dimensions for the H1R crank. Even if it means having to relieve a spare generator cover just to make it fit, the extra amps and broader range of RPMs at which it would be generating, has gotta make it all worthwhile. And if not for the extra amps, surely the same specs as OEM could be rendered in rare-earth fixed magnet form, so as to cut down it's MASS and free up the crank for quicker spooling RPMs etc. MY thinking is that one could fit such a hot hot ignition with all of those extra amps. Not to mention, along with those rare-earth generators they also sell the optical pick-up ignition systems.

    Between a hotter more precisely timed ignition, and a modernized lubrication system using improved too-smoke oils - Surely this would play a huge part in preventing some or all of the problems which murdered so many H1R, H2R, TZ750 & TR750 motors back in the day?

    Sheesh - Here I am, a devoted fan of the RCB and building all of this hopeful DOHC-4 stuff - I shouldn't even HINT at giving aid & comfort to the enemy! Ha-ha. 'Cause surely the only reason those RCB Hondas cleaned up in Endurance Racing, was because so many too-smokes BURNED OUT within those first few hours.

    What an upset would it be, if the big too-smoke engines got over the faults of their mid-'70s DNF's the piston crown burn through etc etc - And all of a sudden they could run cool enough yet powerful enough, that they could get out there onto the classic ENDURANCE racing circuits! They might have a struggle with some of the 1100cc class DOHC-4 machinery, or the DLF-1000 Goldwing based machines if somebody manages to squeeze a GL1200 engine into one of 'em - But no question about it the traditional "Formula 750" class would be relegated to the side-lines, and there'd be no point in restoring any DOHC RCB let alone SOHC CR750 engine, to less than 999cc capacity! Well it's a worthy ambition, anyhow. LARD knows, with a modern take on sensors and ignition, perhaps even fuel injection etc, perhaps even the rotary RE-5 and it's ilk could run a lot cooler and more reliably than before.

    It's a whole other kettle of fish, Endurance racing. But it's fun at least to IMAGINE what new & interesting stuff could be done with the likes of the H1R, H2R, KR750 etc - if they could be rendered bullet-proof enough as to simply SURVIVE the full 24hrs of full-bore balls-out high RPM running. There's gotta be a very big prize just for that alone. And more to the point, one which you wouldn't find in most too-smoke trophy rooms.

    Yeah. So it's a stretch of the imagination, to be sure. But it's a high goal to aim one's sights on! Ha-ha.

    If nothing else, it would be reassuring enough to race the things really hard in the shorter Daytona style events, knowing there's less chance of a catastrophic engine implosion!

    Okay, I mean - so maybe YOU might want to keep this bike as a static display? With all original OEM equipment? But at some point SOMEBODY will spin it's wheels in anger!