Sunday, 29 May 2016

It was a beautiful spring ride with friends.

this is a post from my Facebook a week ago, pay attention, be safe,

Today i went to a friends funeral. He was genuine, happy, friendly and more kind then your average person. He had a tendency to leave a positive impression on people the first time they met him. He was safe, level headed, and followed the rules.
While riding his bike last weekend and signalling to turn left in good visibilty and on a straight, flat road, he was hit from behind by a distracted driver that did not notice he was slowing down. His brake light worked, his signal lights were on. There were no excuses not to see him.
I took this picture of his bike only weeks ago when we went out for a ride on a beautiful sunny day. The bike pictured is the one he was riding when he was hit.
Today his youngest daughter of only 6 cried through the majority of the funeral. Even now and then you could hear her cry out "daddy" . He leaves behind his wife, two young daughters, and a son.
So the next time your texting while driving, or talking on your phone, or doing your make up, or turning around to tell your kids to behave, or distracted by whatever, be very away of your surroundings. Because YOU could very easily be the cause of such a terrible senseless accident.
please pay attention. Give others the respect they deserve by paying attention. No one wants to live the rest of their life knowing they caused an accident like this when theres a mother left who has to explain to her kids that their father was so senselessly taken from them and that an accident like this is so EASILY avoidable.

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